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About us

About Us


The origins of Dear Deer date back many years. The owner of Dear Deer, Yukichi Shikano, comes from a long line of coffee connoisseurs, starting with his Grand Uncle, Morikyo Itomitsu, who was the founder of the well-known Japanese coffee brand ‘Kalita’.

Kalita has since grown and become a global brand for coffee lovers all around the world, and this passion for quality coffee has remained within Yukichi’s family ever since. Yukichi’s father, opened his own coffee shop called Fukumame in Tokyo, Japan back in 2007 and it has been so successful, it is still there today sharing the passion for quality coffee that Morikyo Itomitsu installed in his family and the Kalita brand.

Yukichi continued with his family tradition and in 2018 opened his first Dear Deer café and roasting bar in Onehunga, Auckland, New Zealand, bringing that Japanese coffee culture to New Zealand.

About Kalita

About Kalita

Kalita is a family-owned Japanese company which has been manufacturing coffee brewing equipment since the 1950s. Since then, we have opened sales offices all across Japan and have sold coffee brewing equipment for use in the home with the Kalita Wave becoming one of the world's favourites.

Kalita strives to not only produce high quality equipment, but also continues to develop its products to cater for all coffee enthusiasts from the beginner through to the master.

Such careful consideration of what best suits the personal brewer is one of the many reasons why Kalita coffee brewing equipment is loved and enjoyed, not only by Japanese people, but also by coffee lovers all over the world.

Kalita was founded in Japan as a commercial coffee equipment manufacturer. We have opened sales offices in various parts of Japan and started selling coffee equipment for home use, and have made various improvements. And not only the quality of the equipment as a coffee maker, but also what is required in a personal coffee maker is understood and made. This delicate consideration is one of the reasons why it is loved not only by Japanese people but also by coffee lovers all over the world.

About Kalita