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Store Loyalty Card

We are excited to announce the introduction of our new loyalty program app, replacing the current coffee loyalty cards in all our stores. StmpZ is easy to use, allowing you to collect stamps directly on your phone.

We will begin the transition at our Onehunga store from June 17th to July 16th as a trial period. During this time, Onehunga will stop issuing new physical cards from June 17th onwards. If you have an existing card with stamps, you can continue using it until it’s fully redeemed. After that, you will need to switch to the StmpZ app. The transition for all other stores will start on July 17th. From this date, new physical cards will no longer be issued. Once your existing cards are fully redeemed, you will need to use the StmpZ app.

How to Download the App and Collect Stamps

1. Download the app. iOS / Android

2. Register as a user.

3. Enter the home screen and tap the scan icon at the bottom center and select the number of cups.

4. Scan using the store card provided by the store. Stamps are collected.

Once all stamps are collected, an alert will appear saying “You have unlocked a reward…” The voucher will be stored in “My Reward”.

How to Issue a Voucher

Once all stamps are collected, an alert will appear saying “You have unlocked a reward…”

1. Tap “My Reward” to display the voucher → Tap the voucher.

2. A confirmation screen will appear asking if you want to redeem the voucher.

3. Show the Complete screen to the store staff.

Enjoy your coffee