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Kalita - Made in Japan

Kalita is a family-owned Japanese company which has been manufacturing coffee brewing equipment since the 1950s. Since then, they have opened sales offices all across Japan and have sold coffee brewing equipment for use in the home with the Kalita Wave becoming one of the world's favourites.

Kalita strives to not only produce high quality equipment, but also continues to develop its products to cater for all coffee enthusiasts from the beginner through to the master.

Such careful consideration of what best suits the personal brewer is one of the many reasons why Kalita coffee brewing equipment is loved and enjoyed, not only by Japanese people, but also by coffee lovers all over the world.

Kalita’s Products

  • Kalita 102 (40P) Paper filter

  • Kalita Coffee Wave Pot

  • Kalita Cubic Mill

  • Kalita 185 Stainless Coffee Dripper